Monkey Magic III Cover

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Check out the cover of the soon-to-be-released Ghostly Thieves of New York!


Monkey Magic III – coming this year!

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The Ghostly Thieves of New York will be released in in 2013! Romy’s third adventure takes her away from the forests of Asia into the urban jungle of Manhattan where she discovers there is no escaping her strange and mystical power.


Some of the action unfolds here…

MM3 Scene



What’s New

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New Monkey Magic Cover!

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I hope you like the new cover from Hachette. The book will be released in India next month! The Curse of Mukada has just been released in the U.K. by Can of Worms Press. You can buy a copy for 5 pounds by clicking on this


“Cleverly woven..delicious subplots…a real page-turner”

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Kids Book Review says of Monkey Magic:

“Cleverly woven with delicious subplots that will engage young readers, Monkey Magic is also strewn with environmental references and information that are played upon in a subtle but vital way. The messages are well done, the plot is well-crafted and the storyline is full of enough action, adventure, magic, baddies and goodies to make it a real page-turner.”


‘Wildly Entertaining!’ – Monkey Magic Review

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VITA magazine just wrote this review of the Monkey Magic series!

“Wildly entertaining, Romy’s adventures will keep readers glued to the edge of their seats!”


Book Talk and Signing in Singapore on Saturday

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Grant S. Clark will be giving a talk and offering a few prizes at Prologue book shop in Ion Orchard, Orchard Road, Singapore on Saturday January22nd. It starts at 2pm so do come along!


Toilet Training School Visit

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Some pictures of my fab trip to Tanglin Trust School in Singapore, where I spoke to  hundreds and hundreds of great kids about Monkey Magic.  Thanks to the lovely Zoe (pictured) and Diana for arranging the trip.


Chatsworth School Reviews Monkey Magic!

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“Your book is amazing, brilliant, magnificent and a rocking adventure. I love your book. I bet you every person will love this amazing, brilliant, magnificent and rocking adventure book.” Heather F., Singapore

“Monkey Magic is the best book in the world!!! I love this book because it is good to read and i read this book every day. You will like it!” Alianah C., Singapore

“Monkey magic is the best book in the history of books! The author Grant S. Clark is phenomenal as he has put sarcasm and humor into this book which has made this book a fascinating read.” Arya V., Singapore

“The book is wonderful. It tells that always good wins over evil. Romy is very knowlegeable and loves animals. She loves saving animals lives and she is couageous through out things.” Thomas C., Singapore

“This amazing book by Grant S. Clark is hilarious. It is exciting and mysterious. One of my favorite books.” Annabel N., Singapore

“Monkey Magic the Curse of Mukada is wicked and funny. I think it’s the best book in the world!!! Buy Monkey Magic now!!!” Hannah K., Singapore

“The Curse of Mukada was truly magical. One of the reasons was because he kept on building up the story excitingly. I think the reason he made this story was because he wanted to get people to get the message to help the environment in a fun way. So get out there and buy this book. I rate this book 10/10!!” Owain M., Singapore

“A brilliant story, it was all about saving the orangutans.” Shun F., Singapore

“The Curse of Mukada in the Monkey Magic series was amazing. Now go to the shopping mall and buy it now!!!” Soo M.K., Singapore

“If you really like mysterious stories this is a good book for you. So go and buy it now! Five stars!” Idan Ben A., Singapore

“I love your book because it was fantastic and it is fun to read.” Kirra C., Singapore

“I have read both books and enjoyed them very much. I wish you could make loads more new Monkey Magic series.” Yuna M., Singapore

“The Curse of Mukada is great because it is full of mysteries and adventures. You will like it so much – I really know. Trust me!!!” Timothy T., Singapore

“The books you have written are very inspiring.They also take the reader on an adventure where good overcomes evil in a mysterious mystery.” Kunal W., Singapore

“Monkey Magic is a really good book. Grant S. Clark makes the book alive. He made Monkey Magic with his imagination. Every one should read Monkey Magic to get their imagination! The adventures are amazing.” Megha M., Singapore

“If you had the book you would love it so go buy it!” Sebastian M., Singapore

“I love monkey magic!” Julien B., Singapore

“Your book is excellent! I really love THE book.” Tegan S., Singapore

“Monkey magic was amazing! My favorite person in the book is Romy’s father.” CJ, Singapore
“I love Monkey Magic because some paragraphs are funny. They also give us information about orangutans.” Erin N., Singapore

“I love your book!” Maya. B, Singapore

“Your book is excellent.” Oliver F., Singapore

“Informative and exiting.” Elise E., Singapore

“Monkey Magic is a very good book.” Max S., Singapore

“I really like your book because I like monkeys. It was good learning about orangutans too.” Mikio

“I love your book.” Matthew Z., Singapore

“The Curse of Mukada is a fascinating and enjoyable book. It’s a very adventurous book. You should buy the book!!!!!!!His book shows simile, alliteration,metaphor and personification. He wrote this to pass on a big important message STOP DESTROYING THE RAINFOREST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Louis F., Singapore

“In Grant S. Clark’s first book The Curse of Mukada Monkey Magic, he wanted to tell that rainforest is being destroyed by humans and he also wanted to tell that we have to save rainforest and apes, monkeys and orangutans.” Bobin S., Singapore


Monkey Magic II – Released!!

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Illustration by Twisstii ©

I’m rather excited because…The Great Wall Mystery is now in the shops in Asia! It will be out in Australia next month and then the U.K. and U.S.A. in May. You can buy a copy online at http://tinyurl.com/23234vm. I am having an official launch party on Thursday, when I’ll also be speaking at Tanglin School in Singapore. I’m planning a kids’ launch for the book in January when anyone will be invited. Here’s one of Twisstii’s illustrations from The Great Wall Mystery: