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Grant was born in England in an ancient time before mobile phones, colour television and England’s only World Cup win (just).

He has spent much of the past 20 years writing and reporting about primates (the human kind) running, jumping and kicking balls while working as a journalist covering World Cups and the Olympics.

He lives on a sunny red dot called Singapore with his wife and two daughters, and divides his time between working for an international news agency – and penning children’s books.

Grant has just finished Romy Alexander’s third adventure in the Monkey Magic series – the Ghostly Thieves of New York – and a book for 11-year-olds and up called The Indisputable Wisdom of Horse.

Grant is working on Space Buttons, an adventure about a brother and sister travelling the universe and taking on smelly aliens in a bid to save our environment, as well as some rather silly verses.

Grant should never be given a cup and saucer or asked to perform surgery because he wobbles like a jelly. That is because of a condition called Essential Tremor that started when he was a child and gives him a good excuse to spill drinks over his friends.

He donates a portion of his royalties to conservation charities.

Grant is represented by the agent Catherine Pellegrino.

Grant has spoken to many schools about the book. To see him talk about Monkey Magic on television, click on the following: